Paint the essence of a person

Artist's Statement

Even as a child, I took much pleasure in drawing and painting people and landscapes, and as I matured I realized how important creating art was for me as a process of centering and finding a place of joy. It is my way of connecting to the beauty in nature and people. We are very fortunate as artists to be in the position to produce art that can bring a sense of joy, peace, and gratitude in others who struggle with their life situations.

I want provide the viewers the opportunity to have their own creative experience of visually travelling around my landscapes and to enjoy whatever they feel is important to them in the scene. I try to paint in such a way that they are guided to view it in any particular way. Respectfully, we all appreciate nature differently. Likewise with portrait drawings and paintings, I am aware of such depth and beauty in the person who is modeling for me and I want to share that aspect with whomever views the portrait; it is not just getting the likeness of the person, but to paint the essence of the person.